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HVAC Repair: Is It Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

If your air conditioner has been damaged, you might be interested to know that there are certain cases in which the repairs will be covered by your homeowners insurance. Read on to learn how you can use your insurance policy to pay for your HVAC repairs.

When Is Your HVAC System Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance can cover the repair of your HVAC unit if the damage was caused by fires, lightning strikes, falling trees, vandalism and sometimes even flooding. If the cause of the damage is normal wear and tear or accidental damage, you won’t get reimbursed for HVAC repairs or replacement.

In the event that your AC unit or heater is struck by lightning, the electrical components of the unit are likely to be damaged, and your insurance policy should cover its replacement. If your HVAC unit has been damaged by a falling tree or branch, you can expect the damage to be covered by your policy. In addition, vandalism may also be covered by your homeowners insurance. However, be sure to file a police report as well to formally document the crime and the damage.

When Is Your HVAC System Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

It’s normal for air conditioners and heat pumps to fail at the end of their suggested lifespan. In this case, your unit won’t be covered by your homeowners insurance. Furthermore, if the damage was caused by lack of maintenance, your insurance policy won’t cover it either. That said, you should be diligent in checking your HVAC system for any issues. If you notice signs of problems, call a professional immediately.

If the damage to your HVAC unit is caused by an errant ball, for example, this type of accident will not be covered by your insurance. The expenses of repairing or replacing the unit will have to be shouldered solely by you.

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