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Is Your Heat Pump Struggling to Reach the Right Temperature?

A heat pump system operates somewhat differently from a traditional air-cooled air conditioner. And sometimes, you may encounter problems within years of installing it. There are several reasons a heat pump might struggle to reach its set temperature.

In this post, your trusted air cooler providers at O.K. Heating & Air Conditioning share a list of the most common problems we see with heat pumps.
Iced Over The heat pump is placed outside the unit and will inevitably be covered with a coating of frost on the sides in cold weather, or even ice. A heat pump needs to absorb heat from the outdoor air but snow and ice will prevent that. Every so often, the unit will go into defrost mode to remove that frost. However, a heavy coat of ice indicates a problem. Ice in the coils can damage the sensitive fins and fan blades, and eventually lead to compressor failure.
No PowerIf the outdoor unit has no power, your blower just blows cold air over a cold coil, meaning no hot air for you. Make sure to check the power supply and change the filters. Check the breaker box to see if the outdoor unit’s circuit breaker was tripped. If so, reset it. If that isn’t the problem, call a technician for help.
Leaky DuctsA leak in your return air ducts means that unconditioned air will get pulled into your ventilation system and shunted back into your equipment. This will increase the workload on your furnace, making it harder to heat up your indoor spaces. You might need a technician to find the leaks and seal them.
Bad Reversing ValveA reversing valve is the part of the heat pump which allows the unit to switch between heating and cooling. If there are any defects in it, it’s best to consult a professional like O.K. Heating & Air Conditioning. We stand out as one of the leading companies that provide high-quality heating and air conditioning services in Livermore, Pleasanton and Walnut Creek, CA. Having been in business for more than 35 years, we are committed to offering the best possible heating services.
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