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3 Easy Ways to Cool an Old Home Efficiently

Owning an older home has a certain charm to it. After all, you’re living in a place with so many unique architectural details and so much history within its walls. The only downside is that keeping an older home cool and efficient can be a real challenge. Unless you know what to do, that is. OK Heating and Air Conditioning, the trusted HVAC company in the area, shares some handy tips. 

1. Retrofit an air conditioning system. This is probably the simplest way to equip your older home with modern HVAC conveniences. But keep in mind that retrofitting an older home with a central air conditioning system is both time-consuming and costly because older homes weren’t built with ducts in the walls. You’ll need to consult a trusted HVAC technician like OK Heating and Air Conditioning to determine whether an AC retrofit is a viable option for you.

2. Invest in a ductless air conditioner. Those looking for an alternative to conventional cooling systems should consider a ductless air conditioner. This option is exactly that – an air conditioning system that doesn’t require any ductwork to keep your older home cool. Instead, it’s mounted high on the wall and has an attached blower that distributes cool air efficiently throughout your home. OK Heating and Air Conditioning offers reliable and well-performing ductless ACs from the trusted industry name, Bryant®. Talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you explore your options.

3. Keep your windows and doors sealed. Significant cooling energy is lost in older homes because they don’t usually have good insulation against outdoor temperatures. Doors and windows, in particular, may have gaps in their frames that allow excess heat to leak into your home, compromising indoor comfort. Cooling your older home more effectively becomes easy when all doors and window seals are durable and airtight.

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