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4 Ways to Keep Your HVAC System Mold-Free

Mold is present in practically all properties, residential and commercial alike, including the seemingly clean ones. The HVAC system is a favorite hiding spot of mold spores, but you most likely will never know they’re there until you smell a musty odor. If you think you have mold colonies in your HVAC system, below are the best things you can do to eradicate these unsightly germs.

4 Ways to Keep Your HVAC System Mold-Free

Change the Air Filter

Any reliable HVAC supply provider would advise you to replace a moldy air filter immediately. You should get a new one even if you just replaced an old, dirty filter. If you ignore it, your air filter itself may help the mold spores spread and invade your entire property, which can make sensitive occupants sick.

Disinfect the Air Handler and Ducts

Hidden mold is usually found in the air handler–the indoor air conditioning unit–since it isn’t used all year ’round. Its internal components get dusty, moist and hot, setting the stage for mold growth. An experienced repair technician knows how to clean delicate AC parts and erase all evidence of mold.

Use UV Lamps

Despite observing preventive HVAC maintenance, mold may still accumulate inside your equipment between checkups. To kill germs, including mold, when they get into your heating and cooling system, install UV lights. These devices disinfect the air that passes through them, helping ensure that your rooms stay as healthy as possible.

Control Indoor Moisture

The best measure you can take to keep mold growth in check is to control indoor moisture. Make sure each of your rooms is properly ventilated, whether through natural or mechanical means. Buying a dehumidifier can help keep your inside air dry to discourage mold proliferation.

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