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How to Avoid HVAC Breakdowns

You can avoid heating and air conditioning problems by scheduling regular inspections and service for your HVAC system. Many repair problems are avoidable by regular maintenance, so you can end up saving a significant amount of money by taking advantage of service agreements.

Below, O.K. Heating and Air Conditioning Company talks about ways to prevent HVAC breakdowns:

How You Can Prevent Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

There are many simple ways homeowners can help keep their heating and air conditioning systems in good shape. For starters, you can protect the exterior parts of your system by regularly clearing vegetation and debris away. If you have pets that can access the yard, you can enclose your exterior unit by adding a fence around it. Inside your home, clear your registers obstructions and make sure any combustible objects are placed away from your heating system. Do these with a regular inspection of your unit’s air filter and replace it if necessary.

How a Heating and Air Conditioning Professional Can Help

Some tasks are best left to heating and air conditioning professionals; your HVAC is a complex system and its components’ function and mechanisms may be too complicated for the average guy. When a licensed contractor does it, however, expect them to check your thermostat to see if it is properly calibrated and your electrical connections. They may also test the voltage on system components, which reduces the risk of component failure.

Heating pros can also lubricate moving parts to prevent them from wearing out too quickly and check the condensate drain and the system start-up and shutdown controls. This inspection can prevent several problems, including high humidity levels and improper operation. For your furnace, they can inspect the exhaust outlets, fuel lines, burners, and heat exchangers, while for the air conditioner, we can clean the coils, refill the refrigerant, and clean and calibrate the blower components for the best airflow.

O. K. Heating and Air Conditioning Company is the leading choice for heating and air conditioning repair, service, and installation for local homeowners. We have over 40 years of experience, giving us the ability to spot and fix problems with residential and commercial HVAC systems.

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