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Common Summer AC Problems & How to Handle Them

Summer has officially begun, which means you’ll need an air conditioning system that you can count on for the rest of the season. More importantly, you have to know what to do in case the air conditioner stops working. In today’s post, local furnace and air conditioning company OK Heating and Air Conditioning discusses the most common AC problems during the summer season.

Leaking refrigerant. Air conditioners generate cool air by cycling refrigerant through different stages of compression. Refrigerant isn’t consumable like fuel. A well-maintained air conditioner can operate without the need for a recharge — the equivalent of a refill for refrigerant — for a long time. As the air conditioner ages, the refrigerant lines can develop small leaks that will become more pronounced over time. One of the signs of leaking refrigerant is reduced output; you’ll find yourself setting the thermostat lower just to keep your house comfortably cool. To fix this, your HVAC technician will need to replace the leaky lines and recharge the refrigerant.

High humidity levels. Relative indoor humidity levels tend to be high during the summer. Cold air is a natural dehumidifier, which means it shouldn’t feel humid inside your house if your air conditioner is running properly. If your home feels humid even when it’s cool inside, you may need to better control the sources of excess moisture in your home. Running an exhaust fan and range hood, respectively, when you bathe and cook can help reduce trapped moisture in your home. Running a dehumidifier can also help maintain ideal relative indoor humidity levels.

Low airflow. Low airflow from your air conditioner can be caused by one or more issues. We’ve described leaking refrigerant as one of these. Other causes include a clogged air filter, which can be replaced or washed depending on your air conditioner type, and dirty condenser coils, which will need to be cleaned by an AC professional. Keeping up with your HVAC maintenance can help prevent common air conditioner issues, including low airflow.

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