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How to Cut Your Heating and Air Conditioning Bill by Up to 25%

$29 billion: that’s how much the country spends on air conditioning utility costs. These numbers are unequivocally high for homes with improper systems needing heating and air conditioning repair frequently. Studies show that making small changes can translate into big savings in the long run. For example, sealing air leaks alone can lower your costs by 10% while clearing up a clogged filter saves you up to 15% on your bill. Added up, these small and minor adjustments are enough to lower your bills by a quarter annually.

How to Cut Your Heating and Air Conditioning Bill by Up to 25%

So what are the little adjustments you can do today that can help make your home more energy efficient?

Leaks are Bad

During winter, most heat is lost through leaks in your home. Finding leaks can be a tedious job, making it better left to air conditioning repair professionals. If you suspect leaks in an area, and you want to be certain, holding a smoking incense nearby can help you locate where it is. Follow where the smoke goes and that is where the leak most likely is. Try it near windows, doors, and even electrical outlets as these are the usual leak spots in many homes.

Window Covers

On the other end of the spectrum is increased heat from outside sources during summer. Your windows could be huge contributors, which means it’s best to keep them covered. Sunlight flowing into your home increases the temperature and forces your air conditioning to do extra work in cooling everything down.

Regular Maintenance

You will not need frequent air conditioning repair if you follow even the most basic of maintenance schedules. O.K. Heating and Air Conditioning offers maintenance packages that will keep your home’s heating and air conditioning in tip-top shape for all seasons. Call us today at (925) 337-8319. Services are available in Scarborough and neighboring areas.

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