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Duct Sealing For A Pest Free Home

When you own a home, keeping it in good condition and pest free can sometimes be an overwhelming task. For example, pests such as mice and other rodents can get into your home and wreak havoc. Whether it is destroying walls, insulation or posing a health threat, these pests can run rampant through your home. One easy way that they gain access to various areas in your home is by traversing through your duct system.

Your duct system makes an easy way for mice and other rodents to inconspicuously move throughout your home. Unfortunately, there are a number of areas where they can gain access. Anywhere where ducts or vents have a gap will allow easy access for pests. It is important to not only close up these access points, but to also ensure the pests currently in your ducts are effectively eliminated.

The first thing many homeowners consider is placing poison around their home. This type of pest control can certainly be effective, but it creates another problem that might even be more frustrating. Poisoned mice will not immediately die where they come into contact with the bait; instead, they will scurry off and eventually die in the location where they go to hide. Unfortunately, this might be deep in your duct system.

Obviously, dead mice deteriorating in your duct system can lead to a terrible odor being dispersed throughout your home. Your ducts carry cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, this air passes through the ducts and into the various rooms of your home. Having a decaying pest in your duct system is certainly a big problem.

Fortunately, there is another solution; one that is also effective, but will allow you to ensure that the pests are actually removed from your home. The placement of snap traps inside your ducts provide the easiest way to capture mice and remove them. Place the trap against the inside wall of your duct and check it daily. If there is a mouse in the trap, simply remove it and dispose of it properly.

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