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What to Do When the Heating Unit Blows No Hot Air

Space heating is crucial to the comfort and health of your family. If your unit refuses to turn on or blow hot air, it’s more than just inconvenient. It’s never wise to repair a broken piece of HVAC equipment yourself, but some issues actually don’t merit professional central heating services.

What to Do When the Heating Unit Blows No Hot Air

Perform these troubleshooting steps before you call a qualified technician for help:

Check the Thermostat

The #products-61“>thermostat controls the furnace, boiler, or heat pump. It monitors the ambient air temperature, sending a signal to the heating unit when the indoor climate goes below the threshold. But since it’s also in charge of the air conditioner, there’s a chance that it’s just not in the right mode.

To make sure your HVAC system is set to heat, the thermostat shouldn’t say “cool.” If it does, change the setting so it doesn’t purposely keep your furnace, boiler, or heat pump from producing warm air. If its display shows no information, install fresh batteries to make it come to life.

Ensure That Power Goes to the Unit

If the thermostat is functioning properly, make sure your heating equipment receives electricity. It won’t run if the circuit breaker or fuse supplying power is turned off.

Shut the Door Properly

Did you change the filter before it stopped working? It’s probable that you inadvertently left the door cover open or improperly closed. If this is the case, shutting it completely should fix the problem.

Clean or Replace Dirty Filter

If you haven’t cleaned or put a new filter in for a long time, your unit might switch off due to overheating. A dirty filter restricts the airflow, allowing heat to build up within the equipment. As a safety precaution, the unit turns its burners off to cool itself down adequately. Until you address the main cause of the problem, your heating equipment won’t emit warm air properly.

(If All Else Fails) Seek Professional Central Heating Services

OK Heating and Air Conditioning provides central heating services to repair faulty units immediately, maintain functional ones and replace old, inefficient systems. Call us at (925) 337-8319 or fill out this form to discuss your HVAC needs.

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