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Why Is It Important To Have N.A.T.E. Certified Technician Servicing Your Home?

Most property owners put a great deal of time and effort into choosing the best quality HVAC system for their home; unfortunately, they neglect to hire NATE certified technicians to install and service their equipment. Your HVAC system is probably the hardest working group of equipment in your home. Controlling your home’s indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity levels is demanding and complex. Proper system sizing, fitting, maintenance, and repair by a certified NATE technician is vital for system longevity, home comfort, energy efficiency and safety.

What is NATE?
The North American Technician Excellence is an independent organization that certifies technicians with a knowledge–based examination. HVAC/R Technicians who choose to take their training a bit further by becoming NATE certified must pass tests that cover a range of HVAC/R specialty areas. Established in 1997, The North American Technician Excellence, NATE, is the largest non–profit certification body for HVAC/R technicians.

A technical board consisting of different industry players develops and administers the certification program. These industry players include manufacturers, educators, contractors, and utilities. Technicians who pass the specialized certification tests can earn a service, installation, or senior certification in one or more areas of expertise. Benefits of hiring a certified NATE technician include:
• Lower energy consumption through proper installation and service
• System will run at peak efficiency
• Fewer callbacks and warranty returns
• Advice from a skilled and experienced professional
• Fast and efficient service
• Greater peace of mind
• Job done right the first time

NATE encourages property owners to hire certified technicians for superior comfort solutions. However, the organization does not directly employ or supervise technicians; neither does it guarantee their performance. When you hire a NATE certified technician, you will save both money and time from the potential risks of hiring an inexperienced technician to install or service your system. Risks of hiring an inexperienced technician include:

• Reduced system efficiency
• High utility bills
• Uncomfortable humidity
• Poor indoor air quality
• Noisy operation
• Carbon monoxide poisoning
• Risk of fire or explosion

Regardless of the area of expertise, NATE certified technicians always deliver the best residential and commercial HVAC/R solutions. Give us a call today and get the best heating and cooling solutions from NATE certified technicians.

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