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Six Best Tips to Improve HVAC Efficiency This Summer

Your heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) system is one of the most important aspects of your home. HVAC systems keep you cool in the summer, warm during the winter and maintains the quality of air of your home. However, proper maintenance is a must for your HVAC system to work well and save money on repairs. We aim to give our California customers convenience, which is why we’ve compiled this list. Below we are going to look at six best tips for improving HVAC efficiency this summer.

Improve HVAC Efficiency

1. Insulate

We find that losing cool air in the summer will raise the workload of a HVAC system that it must do to keep the house comfortable. The additional workload that an HVAC system is subjected to predisposes it to damage and reduces its efficiency. This is why insulation is important to reduce the amount of heat that enters your house during the summer. Ensure that you use window shades and coverings to minimize the amount of heat that enters your house. Window coverings and shades will help to reduce the amount of heat lost as well as reduce the radiant heat from the sun.

2. Seal Cooling Ducts

Note that air conditioner efficiency is dependent on how well its cooling ducts are maintained. When the cooling ducts are well sealed, it will not only streamline airflow by up to 20% but will also improve effectiveness of your HVAC system, thereby reducing the risks of breaking down. An experienced HVAC professional contractor can test the system to ascertain that the air is flowing properly and recommend the best sealant to use.

3. Well Scheduled HVAC Service and Maintenance

Just like the other electronics that you have in your home or office, air conditioners and heaters need to be well maintained to pinpoint and rectify flaws before they can pose a disaster. There are companies that offer discounts to their clients who choose yearly or monthly packages. Search for such a company or ask your current service provider if they offer such services.

4. Change filters often

Filters usually get clogged with dirt and other forms of debris. If they are not cleaned and changed regularly they can overheat or experience other internal damages that are expensive to resolve. Avoid this mess by cleaning filters regularly and replacing the old ones with new ones.

5. Seal all Leaks

Small spaces and cracks at the edge of windows can lead to massive loss of cooled air. It is, therefore, important to seal such leaks around the attic, windows, doors and other areas of your house to avoid such losses. This improves the efficiency of an HVAC system in that it does work excessively to maintain a cool environment in your house.

6. Consider Upgrading your HVAC

Modern air conditioning products are durable and efficient in comparison to the old air conditioning products. Purchasing a modern product will save you more by avoiding unnecessary repairs. You can rely on the internet online reviews on various products to make an informed decision as you shop for one.

Feel free to take these tips and DIY your home improvements to save even more this summer. For those services that you don’t feel comfortable taking on yourself, reach out to our Livermore experts to schedule a maintenance trip.


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