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Key Features to Look For in HVAC Systems

Homeowners looking to replace or upgrade their current HVAC system are in for a treat because of the new features that come with modern systems. With new heating and air conditioning tech come inherent benefits that will make home living much more comfortable and energy-efficient. Below are key features you should look for when buying a new HVAC system. Make it a point to ask your HVAC installer about them and other elements you can enjoy.

Key HVAC Features

Improved Heating and Air Conditioning Efficiency

Since 2006, the minimum allowable SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency rating has been 13, with 10 being the minimum limit the year prior. The higher the SEER, the lower the energy consumption, and the better the system is in terms of energy efficiency. Air conditioners with exceptional marks that are close to 20 can help homeowners save as much as half of the total energy consumption of those scoring the minimum SEER requirement.

Zoning Systems for Heating and Air Conditioning

Zoning systems allow homeowners total control of temperature levels in every aspect of the house. With these systems, you can divide your home into different sections and separate cooling zones. This gives you precise energy consumption control as well as comfort levels from room to room.

Zoning utilizes dampeners that technicians place in the ductwork to create separations from area to area. You can then program your preferences into centrally-located panels to either open or close specific dampeners as you so desire. The result is customized climate control for every room.

Smart Thermostats

These days, manufacturers make new heating and air conditioning models as user-friendly as possible. One key feature that should be a fixture in modern homes is the smart thermostat. Designed to sense the conditions in your home, smart thermostats can adjust cooling or heating levels accordingly to maintain the specific temperature settings you’ve pre-programmed. This means you won’t have to constantly adjust thermostat settings just to keep temperature levels in your home to your preference.

Easy Access Air Filters

Air filters should be located in areas easy for homeowners to reach. Since maintenance calls for filters to be replaced every three to four months, easy access should be a key consideration as it will make maintenance routines easier for homeowners. With minimal searching and effort, you won’t even have to worry about the quality of air circulated by the heating and air conditioning system.

Like many products, HVAC systems are continually created by manufacturers with newer and better features to make homeowners more comfortable. These key features are ones you should insist on having when looking for a new HVAC system to install in your home. Consult your installer about the benefits these features bring for a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of their contribution to a better household.

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