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Living With Pets: Tips on Improving Indoor Air Quality

Living with your furry companions has its challenges, one of which is keeping your indoor air free of pet hair and dander. In today’s post, heating and cooling company OK Heating shares tips on how to maintain good indoor air quality while living with your pets.

homeowner with pet dog home with heating and cooling system

Keep a regular grooming schedule. Dander is made up of dead skin particles, similar to dandruff. Along with pet hair, dander can affect indoor air quality in your home. Maintaining a regular grooming schedule can help keep these particulates to a minimum. Bathing pets every week or two, as well as brushing their fur every other day, can remove much of the dander and loose hair from their coats.

Maintain a regular house cleaning routine. Living with pets means you have to keep up with a regular cleaning routine, and not just because you have to clean up the messes they make messes here and there. When dander comes off of your pets, it doesn’t just disappear into the air: rather, it often gets recirculated indoors unless you clean up immediately after you’re done grooming your pets. Like dust and pollen, dander can get into your air cooler and, if not captured by the air filter, will circulate to other parts of the house.

Check your air filter periodically. A typical household HVAC system requires new air filters every three months or so. With pets in the house, however, you may need to replace your air filter more often. Clogged air filters can block airflow within your home’s ductwork, which can place additional strain on your HVAC system. Consequently, this can result in lower indoor air quality, reduced HVAC efficiency and higher energy bills.

Make it a point to inspect your air filter once a month, and purchase a replacement if the media—that is, the material that traps particulates in the air filter—is noticeably full. Air filters are designed to be user-replaceable, and if you’re not sure which replacement to buy, your HVAC contractor can help you choose the right one.

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