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Should You Replace Your Furnace & Air Conditioner at the Same Time?

Replacing a furnace and an air conditioner at the same time can be expensive. In today’s post, OK Heating and Air Conditioning weighs in on the pros and cons of getting both at the same time — and why you should consider doing it.

Why You Should Replace Your Heating and Cooling Systems at the Same Time

If both your furnace and air conditioner are more than ten years old, it makes sense to replace them at the same time. The greatest benefit of updating your HVAC system is increased efficiency. HVAC manufacturers are continuously improving their products, which means newer heating and cooling systems can help you save on energy costs better than the ones they’ll be replacing. You can also take advantage of updated technologies such as compatibility with smart home systems.

It’s important to note that a furnace and an air conditioner are two separate systems that are run at different times of the year. Each system feeds conditioned air into your home’s air handler, which then distributes it through the air ducts in your home. Since each heating and cooling system is an independent system, if one develops a problem, the other won’t be affected.

Why Consider Replacing Just One System?

The primary reason for just getting one system is the upfront cost; replacing one system will, of course, cost less than replacing two at once. Plus, the other one might still be within its service life, which means you’d be prematurely replacing one system by having them both replaced at the same time. With proper maintenance, it’s possible to continue using one system until the other “catches up”.

You might also want to consider future-proofing your home’s HVAC system by switching to a different system. Instead of a whole-home furnace-and-air-conditioner system, having separate mini-split systems in each room will give you more precise control over temperatures in each room. Choosing an air conditioner with a heat pump can eliminate the need for a furnace since you’ll only need one system at a time, regardless of the season.

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