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The Importance of Thermostat Placement

Thermostat placement is a key part of your HVAC system’s performance. Placing it in the right spot helps ensure consistent heating and cooling throughout the house. In today’s post, OK Heating and Air Conditioning looks at the importance of thermostat placement. 

Why Is Thermostat Placement Important?

Thermostats are equipped with a component that detects changes in the room’s ambient temperature. Traditional thermostats have mechanical components like a bi-metal strip or capsule filled with mercury, while modern ones have electronic sensors. Smart home systems may even utilize multiple thermostats. Thermostats detect the temperature in their immediate surroundings, meaning they are placed in areas consistently close to the average indoor temperature.

Proper thermostat placement will help avoid problems caused by temperature misreadings. For example, if a thermostat is placed near the windows, it may interpret the house temperature as hotter than it is. This results in the air conditioner unnecessarily running at capacity, leading to higher energy costs and increased wear.

Ideal Locations for Your Thermostat

Place your thermostat in a central location in your home like on an interior wall in a common area like the living room. It should be between 52 and 60 inches from the floor, high enough to avoid misreadings caused by radiant heat rising from the floor. This is especially important if the floor surrounding the thermostat has radiant floor heating.

In an average-sized home, there will be much flexibility in suitable installation spots. This is why it is also important to know where you should not install your thermostat:

  • Areas near windows and entry doors. These areas have fluctuating temperatures, as they’re regularly opened and closed and do not always have insulation. 
  • Walls that receive direct sunlight. Solar heat can increase the heat on and surrounding the thermostat, resulting in the HVAC system reading the house temperature as too hot than it is.
  • Areas above air vents. Warm or cool air coming from air vents can have the same effect on thermostats as the temperature changes caused by open doors and windows.

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