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Things to Check Before Cranking Up Your AC

If you find yourself feeling the heat and you’re ready to crank up your air conditioner for summer, stop and read on as OK Heating and Air Conditioning shares a few things you need to check first. 


One of the most common reasons for HVAC service calls is a faulty or improperly set thermostat, which is why you should always check it first whenever you have issues with your air conditioner. Follow the simple troubleshooting steps as described in the user guide — often, the solution can be as simple as resetting the thermostat or replacing the battery. A faulty thermostat can be replaced or, better yet, upgraded to a programmable one.

Outside Unit

Your air conditioner’s outside unit houses the condenser. Among its many functions is to release heat from the indoor spaces. To do so, it needs good airflow around its housing. If your air conditioner isn’t providing effective cooling, leaves and debris could be blocking the enclosure. The cooling fins may also be covered in dirt and need to be cleaned. Other things you need to look out for are signs of a leak around the refrigerant lines. Have your air conditioner’s outside unit inspected by your HVAC technician in either case.

Air Filters

The air filters in your HVAC system’s air handler capture dust and other impurities in the air before they can get into your home. Air filters can get filled to capacity every one to three months, and it’s good practice to inspect them regularly and replace them when they’re dirty. Clogged air filters can block airflow, resulting in less cool air coming through the vents. Air filters are designed to be user-replaceable, which means you don’t have to schedule an appointment with your HVAC technician to do it. When purchasing replacement air filters, make sure you’re buying the same size printed on the old air filter’s frame.

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