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What Causes Poor Heating Efficiency?

Staying comfortable in your home shouldn’t mean paying high energy bills every month. If your heating costs have become unreasonably high, it’s probably due to the poor efficiency of your system. Fortunately, the issues that cause poor heating efficiency are easy to fix. 

Here OK Heating and Air Conditioning, a trusted provider of air conditioner and heater maintenance, discusses some of the common causes of poor heating efficiency.

Dirty air filter. A clogged air filter will cause your heating system to work harder than it’s supposed to because it has to force air out through the filter. This naturally leads to greater energy consumption, and in turn, higher bills. Make sure to check and replace your air filter regularly to prevent dirt and dust buildup from affecting your heating unit and its filtering system.

Leaky insulation. Sometimes the problem doesn’t necessarily lie with your heating system. In some cases, the heating unit functions at peak efficiency. However, poor insulation prevents you from reaping the benefits of a highly-efficient HVAC system. Remember that insulation should keep warm air in and cold air out of your home during the winter. If it’s leaking air, this would certainly cause your heating system to exert more effort to compensate for the warm air you’re losing. That said, don’t forget to have your insulation checked and perform repairs as needed.

Broken ductwork. Cracks and holes can form in your air ducts, allowing heated air to leak out of the system. You can have your ductwork tested for leaks, and if such an issue is found, professional duct repair or sealing services could solve the problem.

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