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Why AC Maintenance Is Still Important in September

It seems odd to plan air conditioning maintenance when summer is just about to end and you’ve experienced no cooling problems. But that’s exactly what you should do. The fact about AC maintenance is that you don’t do it for the current season; it’s so you can prepare for the next one. The premier HVAC company in the area, OK Heating and Air Conditioning shares why you’ll still need AC maintenance in September. 

Prepping your AC for the Changing Season

Northern California gets chillier weather during the fall. Since you’re less likely to run your AC when it’s cold, make sure the system is in good shape before it goes into a sort of “hibernation.” The inactivity won’t be as tough on your AC if you have it checked and tuned by a local HVAC technician. They can ensure the system will be ready and functional when the next cooling season arrives.

Preventing Costly and Extensive Repairs

Your air conditioner is crucial to your home’s indoor comfort and efficiency. To maintain its reliable and energy-saving performance, you’ll need to schedule a professional AC inspection and maintenance at least twice a year. Experts recommend a tune-up in spring and another one in fall. When your AC is in tip-top shape, you can avoid the hassle and costs resulting from cooling system problems and breakdowns. 

Make Your AC Maintenance A-OK

Of course, you shouldn’t leave your AC maintenance needs to someone green and unreliable. To get satisfactory results, make sure to work with an HVAC professional who has your best interests in mind. And for many homeowners in Livermore, CA, and beyond, the only name to call is OK Heating and Air Conditioning. We have all it takes to ensure your AC can continue providing the exceptional cooling performance you’ve come to expect.

Schedule Your AC Consultation

Whether you need air conditioning maintenance or heater installation, you can count on OK Heating and Air Conditioning to provide high-quality results. Let us help you keep a longer-lasting, better-performing AC system with our exceptional solutions. We proudly serve Livermore and other areas in Northern California. Call us at (925) 371-2665, or fill out this contact form to schedule an AC tune-up this September.

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