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Why Does Your Heat Pump Keep Shutting Off Prematurely?

A heat pump is a device that uses outdoor air to both cool the house in the summer and heat it in the winter. It’s valued by many homeowners because of its enhanced efficiency. However, internal failures can cause your heat pump unit to run defectively, leading to an array of problems. If your unit keeps turning on and off in short bursts—a phenomenon called short cycling—its components can be damaged and your energy bills can spike significantly. In this article, a heating and air conditioning company discusses the possible reasons this is happening and what to do about it. 

Clogged air filters. A common cause of several heat pump problems is clogged filters. Over time, dust and debris can collect on your filter and create clogs, resulting in restricted airflow and reduced unit efficiency. This means the unit cannot circulate enough air to produce the desired amount of cooling or heating for your home. Be sure to clean or replace your filter on a regular basis to avoid dealing with this problem.

Thermostat errors. It’s possible that your thermostat is giving your heat pump an inaccurate reading. If your thermostat is placed near a vent or a window, there is a good chance that it will produce an inaccurate temperature reading, which can lead to short cycling. Faulty wiring can be another reason. Either way, you should call a heating and air conditioning unit technician to properly assess the situation.

Leaky refrigerant. In the summer, refrigerant traps heat from inside your home and sends it outside. In the winter, it pulls heat from the outdoors and sends it into your house. If you have a refrigerant leak, your system will start experiencing trouble with heat transfer, preventing the cycle from being completed. To fix this issue, seek help from a qualified professional.

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