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Why Is Your Heat Pump Humming?

A heat pump that operates up to standard should produce quiet heating and cooling. While it is perfectly normal for a little noise when starting up, any loud and unusual sound often means your system needs professional attention. 

heater specialist discusses in this post the common noises heat pumps make and their causes.

Humming Noises

Because your heat pump utilizes electricity to comfortably heat and cool your home, it is not alarming for it to generate humming noises as it runs. But if these noises become disruptive or come from the inside of the unit, there could be an electrical issue at hand. Sometimes this is due to a worn-out component, but other times it is because of a defective fan motor. Whatever the trouble is, you must bring in a qualified technician to check and correct the problem.

Hissing Noises

Insufficient refrigerant is usually the root cause of hissing noises in heat pumps. The refrigerant could either be low or leaking, meaning that it is harder to heat or cool the air entering your home. Both of these scenarios require the expertise of an HVAC professional to address.

Grinding Noises

The sound of metal grinding against metal is never good news. This issue is typically the result of a lack of proper maintenance. When components require cleaning and lubrication, they create loud grinding noises. Sometimes grinding noises indicate a problem with the motor of the heat pump. If you hear these noises, switch off your system right away and call for professional help.

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