How Do I Know If My A/C Unit Is Big Enough?

Choosing the right sized air conditioner is essential for those who want to remain comfortable in the summer. If its too small, your air conditioner won’t cool your targeted area sufficiently. If it’s too large, the room or rooms it will climatize will be too […]

Myth Busters: Energy Efficiency Notions Debunked!

Saving the environment and energy efficiency are buzzwords in today’s world. With all of the cries for reducing our carbon footprint in order to save the planet, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to do their part. Some myths about energy savings have sprouted up […]

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Air conditioners are found in majority of residential and commercial buildings in the US. What most people do not know is they work more or less the same way as refrigerators. However, they cool entire rooms/buildings instead of small, enclosed compartments. Read on to learn […]

Myths And Facts About Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide emergencies are as deadly as fire emergencies in the home. However, many home owners know little about this odorless, tasteless and colorless gas and how important it is to detect harmful levels. A common myth about CO is that any amount of it […]

What Size HVAC System Should I Have?

Determining the right size of HVAC system to install can be challenging. There are a number of factors that affect your home’s temperature. These factors can affect the performance of the HVAC system you install. Before you buy a central air conditioning system, consider the […]

Will An Air Conditioner With Higher BTU Cool My Room Faster?

Shopping for a new air conditioner entails a good deal of planning. A person cannot simply walk into a store and grab a unit that he fancies without checking for the list of specifications. This is because ACs are meant to be functional appliances that […]

Why Should I Purchase A Service Agreement?

It could happen during the most scorching week of summer or the coldest night of the year. System breakdowns are inconvenient and unpredictable. But with a good service agreement, homeowners can count on reliable service. Just like vehicles need regular maintenance, home comfort systems also […]

Duct Sealing For A Pest Free Home

When you own a home, keeping it in good condition and pest free can sometimes be an overwhelming task. For example, pests such as mice and other rodents can get into your home and wreak havoc. Whether it is destroying walls, insulation or posing a […]

What Are Some Signs My Furnace Isn’t Working Properly?

There are times when it’s clear that you tell your furnace to turn on and heat a room, and it doesn’t quite respond. Perhaps your thermostat keeps the house a bit warmer or a bit cooler than you’d like, or perhaps it doesn’t even come […]